The Birth Journey project: share your birth story

Hannah Palmara is a doula and photographer  who is creating a website to share women’s birth stories, whether good or bad. She hopes to use the site as part of a campaign to raise awareness of birth trauma, but also of vaginal birth after caesarean (VBAC) and the importance of good postpartum care. Her interest in the subject comes partly from her own experience of having had two difficult labours resulting in caesarean section, followed by the much happier home birth for her third child.

She is also planning to photograph as many women as she can for the site – realistic photographs that will, in her words, “show off the beauty of women’s after birth, breastfeeding and raising children”.

As well as the website, Hannah intends to make a short video that combines the images with clips of the stories she has collected.

So far, she has had a good response, but mostly from women who have had traumatic experiences, so she’s keen to hear from women with positive stories too. If you’re interested in finding out more and sharing your story, please contact her at

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