Birth trauma: breaking the silence


I’ve just come across a Facebook campaign called Break the Silence, which invites people to share their stories of traumatic birth. The page has a gallery in which parents (a few fathers as well as mothers) hold up one- or two-line accounts of their experience.

The campaign is being run by an American organisation called Improving Birth, which aims to “bring evidence-based care and humanity to childbirth.” It says the Facebook page is “creating a forum for women to break the silence and speak out about their experiences, without shame or embarrassment.”

Care during childbirth is much more medicalised in the US than in the UK, and labour itself is more likely to be overseen by an obstetrician than a midwife. Nonetheless, some of the stories on the page, particularly those of procedures being performed without consent, will resonate with women here too.

The campaign is no longer accepting photos, but you can share your experience in the comments section underneath the Facebook gallery.


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