Post-traumatic stress disorder – what you need to know

Bustle has a helpful article called: PTSD Is More Common Than You Think, So Here Are 7 Things To Know About The Disorder.

It’s a good, simple guide to what PTSD is, what the symptoms are and how it affects people. For once, it isn’t patronising and the information is accurate and useful. So it explains that PTSD isn’t just experienced by soldiers, that it’s more common among women than men and that there are recognised treatments that work, such as eye movement desensitisation therapy (EMDR) and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Perhaps most helpfully, it explains how PTSD can make it hard for sufferers to live a normal life:

“It’s hard to develop trusting relationships with PTSD, and even the most stable existing relationships can be negatively impacted. Survivors may feel numb and detached from their loved ones, even when friends and family are supportive. Since one of PTSD’s prime symptoms is avoidance and loss of interest in activities, sufferers may isolate and prefer to be alone. If the trauma involved someone the victim trusted (such as acquaintance rape or partner violence), it can be extremely difficult to continue trusting others close to them.”

PTSD sufferers often find it hard to explain to family and friends what the condition is like and how it affects them. If you’ve found that people close to you are struggling to understand what it’s like to live with PTSD, then showing them this might put them on the right track.

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